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Bass Fishing Basics

Fishing for bass can be a bit different from fishing for salmon or trout. It’s helpful to know what bait to use, and where the bass tend to hide. Here we will cover some bass fishing tips to get you started.

Bass Fishing Basics

When it comes to the bass fishing basics, there are two main tips to learn: What bait to use, and what type of weather is optimal. Below are the reasons why:

What Bait to Use

Choose a type of bait that is similar to what they would be hunting for in the area that the bass live. Bass can feed on anything from plastic worms and crawfish, to small bait fish like minnows and sardines. Try to match your bait to the food that is currently attracting the bass in its environment. 

The bass could also be eating something specific depending on the season and what is available to it. Some bass fisherman say that the rule to seasonal bait is to use anything that resembles crawfish earlier in the year, and using silver colored or chromatic type of bait that resembles shad during the summer months.

Save Your BaitBass Fishing Basics

If possible, you can save shreds of previous bait instead of throwing them out. Bass are aggressive hunters when they’re hungry. They usually stay covered (by rocks, grass, boat docks, etc.) somewhere in hiding waiting for prey to unknowingly pass them so they can attack and feast by surprise. Bass will take anything they can to eat and are known to be attracted to a target that is already injured. If you have something that has already been nibbled on, keep using it when you are out seeking bass. 

Know the Weather 

Before you head out to go fishing, know what the upcoming forecast will be and plan around that. Fish act differently when the weather changes. The clouds make bass fish more active and eager to go hunting. When there is more sunlight, bass tend to be in hiding waiting for prey to pass them by. The best time to fish is during overcast or while a wall of clouds are coming through before some rain. Bass are also known to be stimulated by a wind. 

In Conclusion

It helps to know the bass fishing basics before heading out on the boat and casting your line into the water. It’s important for any angler (expert or novice) to understand bass and the relationship they have with their environment, because knowing this will make for a successful fishing trip. However, no matter what fish you’re going after and wherever you end up fishing, always remember to be patient and remain persistent. Here at Sac River Guide, we are prepared to answer all your fishing needs, and take you to the best locations to catch various fish.  


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