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River Fishing Tips and Tricks

River fishing is one of the most relaxing freshwater fishing experiences out there. Before going out on the water, you’ll need to ensure your tackle box and fishing poles are ready for the type of fish you’re looking to catch. In some cases, wading out on the river can be more rewarding than staying on shore. So, are you looking for some river fishing tips and tricks? Here we will cover everything you need to know for your upcoming fishing trip. Check out the latest fish reports and boat counts.

River Fishing Tips and Tricks

When it comes to fishing in rivers, it’s important be aware of proper techniques, and the best locations in the river. Below we will cover three different techniques to use when river fishing, as well as four locations to try fishing at.

Techniques for River Fishing


River Fishing Tips and Tricks
River Fishing Tips and Tricks

In-line spinners may be used to try to catch rainbow or brown trout via upstream casting. This technique seeks to emulate the natural motion of fish food as they go downstream. Get the spinner upstream, then reel the lure by following the river’s flow.

Bottom Bounce

Fishing hobbyists can use Carolina Rigs to try to bottom-bounce soft plastic or live bait in line with the river current. This technique is especially useful if you’re going for small mouth bass, and when fishing along deep cuts and channels.

Best Spots to Catch Fish in a River

When fishing in rivers, think of spots where fish might naturally hide to protect themselves from predators. Examples include bank structures, overhanging branches and calmer currents.

Near Large Rocks or Islands

Check and see if there are any large rocks or small islands in the middle of the river. Fish like to rest facing upstream on these locations as they’re relatively calmer than other areas.

On Stumps and Clumps of Vegetation

River Fishing Tips and Tricks
River Fishing Tips and Tricks

Are there any trees or bushes with overhanging brushes or vegetation? These areas provide shade and protection for fish, and they’ll likely choose this spot when they’re resting.


In river fishing, the calmer the water, the higher the chances of finding (and successfully baiting) fish. Simply casting to the spot won’t do, instead California Fishing Guides recommends casting the rod upstream and allow the lure to drift along the calmer areas.

Converging Currents

Check and see if there are any shifts and changes that indicate converging currents or drop-offs. These spots will contain plenty of drifting food sources and are good places for fish to rest or feed in.

In Conclusion

With enough practice, and the right use of lure and fishing techniques, you will be reeling in an impressive catch in no time. The key to perfecting these river fishing tips and tricks is to practice and keep a keen eye on your surroundings. Be patient, allow the lure to settle naturally, and you’ll have a fish sooner than you’d think. More importantly, relax, settle down and enjoy your time out on the river. No matter what type of fish you’re trying to catch, our guides here at SAC River Fishing Guide are prepared to help you catch the big one.

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